RESET ( A Semi-Woo Urban Retreat)
1:30 PM13:30

RESET ( A Semi-Woo Urban Retreat)

Experiencing burnout, confusion, apathy, fear or lack of...everything? Come RESET your spirit and vibes in a supportive and expansive space. The majority of the day will be led in silence. We will enjoy short meditations throughout the day that will strengthen our focus and ground our personal energy. We'll get our creative juices flowing by using sound, movement and intention setting. We will open up the doors to our own inner wisdom with breath work and mindful writing. Finally, we'll cultivate community and powerful opportunities for vulnerability with facilitated group sharing . We need YOU and your unique spirit there, we could aaaaaall use a RESET!

PRICING: $30, $40, $50, $60 (Sliding Scale Pricing: In an effort to make spiritual healing accessible to as many as possible, I've provided sliding scale pricing. You may choose the investment that feels most fitting to you in this moment. Use it as a practice for open hearted giving or graceful receiving.)

Please bring a journal or writing materials, a water bottle, any meditation benches or pillows you’d like and a snack or lunch if you’d like. We will have bolsters, blankets and yoga mats available. Cell Phone use will be restricted to outside the studio. Arriving late or leaving early is discouraged so that we can maintain a focused and balanced container.


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Above & Beyond: Meditation Opener
to Jul 28

Above & Beyond: Meditation Opener

  • The Gorge Amphitheatre (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The Seattle Daybreaker Fam will be opening up for Above & Beyond: Group Therapy Weekender!! I’ll be leading a meditation during our part in this two day event. This electronic music festival mainstay boasts beautiful views from The Gorge and two days of music featuring a lineup of Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep stars.

Tickets and more information HERE

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Meditation 101
9:00 AM09:00

Meditation 101

Mindfulness is who you , right here, right now. Can you feel your feet on the ground, can you taste the coffee you're drinking, can you hear the wind rustling in the trees, can you feel the difference in your body between the emotions of happiness and sadness? THAT'S being in the moment. It takes practice to hang out in that beautiful spot and not get carried away with judging it or leaving it to dwell on thoughts of the past, future, etc. Meditation is PRACTICING being in the moment more often. Life is richer, more funny and more relaxing in the moment. The more you practice, the more you can pick up on interesting, subtle cues that can put you on your easiest path to whoever the heck you are. Group meditation has ton of benefits! Getting into a meditation practice can be easier when others are doing the same around you. When a group meets in a space that’s already charged with meditative energy, things become even more exciting. Group meditation can help encourage commitment to a regular practice and provide a forum for discussion and feedback from a teacher and fellow meditators. This class is geared toward beginners and welcoming to more experienced practitioners who would like to come hold space.

REGISTER AND SAVE YOUR SEAT Entrance and Parking is in the back!

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Daybreaker: Closing Meditation
6:00 AM06:00

Daybreaker: Closing Meditation

I LOOOOVE Daybreaker!! It’s a booze free morning dance party with yoga, amazing vibes and lots of coffee!! I will be doing the closing meditation, are you in??

Let’s dream a little dream where mischievous mysteries illuminate our dancing hearts.✨

On Wednesday, July 17th, we’re coming together on the rooftop of the brand new Arrivé apartments (The Sound Hotel's epic residential extension) and throwing a Midsummer Morning’s Dream celebration—think overflowing greenery, florals, and magical characters like forest nymphs and centaurs. Wear togas, flower crowns…. or moss(?) Have fun and get creative🌟.

See you on the dance floor. 💃
+ Featuring Gravity Lift
+ Yoga led by Antonella Zabaglio: 6 - 7am (please bring a mat!)
+ Dance Party: 7am - 9am
+ Live performances & special surprises
+ Free kombucha, breakfast bites by Manitoba Harvest more (while they last!)


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Camp Souldust: Magic in The Woods
to Apr 15

Camp Souldust: Magic in The Woods


Summer camp + soul work = magic.

Imagine yourself on the shore of a river looking up at the sky as dusk fades away to reveal the stars. You’re tired…but a good kind of tired, where you have expended energy refreshing your soul with laughter, physical movement, new friends and a deeper understanding of your own personal magic. Welcome to Camp Souldust.

::::::: Making space for joy :::::::

Camp Souldust is where the simplicity of the summer camp meets a world of soulful exploration. You’ll become part of a tribe of vibrant, glorious, curious souls united in an analog, magic-infused experience complete with cabins, camp counselors and s’mores. We’ll make space to help you unearth your soul’s calling right under the forest canopy.

::::::: A world apart, close to home :::::::

This Camp Souldust is held at a comfortable, authentic, and rustic summer camp tucked into the woods outside of Seattle. Our 4 day, 3 night camp will combine the abandoned joy of traditional summer camp goodness with exploration of subjects like mindfulness, wildcrafting, astrology, yoga and so much more.

::::::: Your registration for Camp Souldust includes :::::::

* Shared cabin accommodations for three nights
* 9 delicious meals + snacks every day
* Daily AM yoga or movement practice
* Your choice of 70+ workshops on subjects both playful and soulful (across 7 workshop time slots)
* Daily evening campfire gatherings with the entire Camp posse
* Full run of camp amenities - we have it to ourselves!
* Access to optional private sessions
* A camp care package, with goodies both practical and magical
* A priceless opportunity for connection and relaxation with Mama Earth, other beautiful humans and, most importantly, yourself.

2017 and 2018 camps have been unbelievable, we expect this one to go fast too!. Pricing is in tiers ~ sign up early to claim one of the 50 or so spots at $675. AND there's payment plans available to make it super easy on the budget!

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