Another Urban Retreat is coming up!

Sliding Scale Pricing, Beginners Welcome, Free Parking!


The semi Woo podcast

Listen and laugh along to high energy interviews from influencers in the consciousness movement.

Mindfulness, psychedelics, woo-woo spirituality, science, sex, and travel have a home at Semi-Woo! Our goal is to embrace the community that is furthering social evolution in alternative ways. 


The Semi Woo Blog

Cliche Alert: Life is a roller coaster. I am excited to share beautiful ways to gracefully ride the ups and downs of life so you can appreciate this journey more deeply. Check out the Semi Woo Blog for plant medicine reviews, insight and more. Find Your Woo.


Semi woo events

Gathering in community is one of the most healing and human things you can do! Come support and learn with others on their path.

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