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About Semi-Woo

The Semi Woo Podcast is the heady and hilarious podcast you’ve been looking for! Sail through high energy interviews and irreverent, mind opening commentary on mindfulness, plant medicine and the greater consciousness. We enjoy getting to the heart of what it means to live consciously on earth.

The Semi Woo Community is all about furthering social evolution in inspiring and alternative ways. Levity is a hallmark because, sometimes, you just need to plain laugh about the ups and downs of life. There are lots of ways to expand and grow, let’s explore them.

Find your woo:)

Heather Ace Adams Bio

I am the big ole Auntie of the village! I feel most like myself when I’m holding space, healing and strengthening the community around me.  Our fantastically unique spirits weren't meant to ride the waves of humanness alone! It's more fun to revel in the strength of vulnerability and the peace of understanding and support anyway. I feel called to create spaces free of judgement, filled with compassion and geared for revelatory expansion. In this space, the things we don't need any more can rise to the surface to for hospice and removal. In this space, the voice of our souls purpose can be heard and the tools we have to move forward on our path are revealed in their perfect time.

I have studied and and practiced meditation and mindfulness in many cultural and academic settings and have enjoyed teaching classes in coworking spaces, corporate offices, lakeside banks and foreign retreats.  I have a podcast called Semi-Woo that speaks to the dual-natured journeys of the modern human waking up to their reality; naturally comedy ensues! I write a blog under the name Semi-W00 that is a collection of the lessons I have learned in my own personal journey with meditation, plant medicine, physical health and multiple journeys inside the body.

Meditation Philosophy

I believe meditation has the power to make our existence richer and lighter. I don't believe meditation has to feel foreign and rigid. I think it should fit seamlessly into our lives no matter our ethnicity, religion or background. I teach secular guided meditation classes and workshops with a casual vibe that will make a beginner feel welcome to learn and seasoned practitioners feel inspired to grow. Every Semi-Woo class is designed to bring real personal awareness to the subject we're meditating on and provide tips and tools to infuse what we've learned into our everyday life. After a trip around the world from Ecuador to Laos taking classes, producing retreats and doing coursework in Mindfulness at The University of Washington and Mindfulness Northwest, I'm excited to share what I've learned in a context that makes sense for the modern world we live in. So lets meditate, hang out and learn TOGETHER!!


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Heather Ace Adams, Semi-Woo

Heather Ace Adams, Semi-Woo