S2E8: All in a day's (Sex) Work: Interview with J. Leigh Brantly

Today's podcast is interesting, inspiring and very eye-opening. What does it mean to be a sex worker in the world today? We sit down with Family in Woo and long time friend J. Leigh to discuss sex worker rights and the fight for fair representation in the current atmosphere of human rights advocacy on a broader scope. Laugh, back us up with an amen and expand in this rousing Semi-Woo episode (we promise this ain't your grandmas podcast!) 

J. Leigh Brantly is a genderqueer professional Dominatrix, sexuality educator, sex worker activist/organizer, fetish wrestler, media consultant, performer, filmmaker, and sex researcher. Zhe is Alternative Sexuality Advisor for the SOAR Institute, Public Health and Administrative Director for;Gays and Lesbians Living in a Transgender Society and volunteers for Best Practices Policy Project. You can regularly find J. Leigh’s entitled ass trying to submit you on a Jiu-Jitsu mat.

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 In This Episode:
SOAR Institute: https://www.soarinstitute.org/
MoMa Sex Workers' Festival of Resistance
All In A Day's Sex Work By Blair Hopkins (Documentary) http://www.wayfaringphoto.com/